V. Marx György Memorial
4th - 15th August 2007 Paks, Hungary
  2007 :: Information :: X. Paks Open group A

XI. Paks Open 12-15th August 2007

Collage of Paks, Dózsa György str. 95.
Paks is 110 kms far from Budapest in direction of south.

 Organizers: Atomerõmû SE Paks, Atomerõmû TLK

System: 7 rounds swiss tournaments, 2 groups
group B under 16 years.

Arbiters: Lajos Gyorkos IA and Béla Fekete

Time limit:
90 minutes + 30 seconds/move.

1st 400 euro, 2nd 320 euro, 3rd 220 euro, 4th 200 euro, 5th 130 euro,
6th 100 euro, 7th 80 euro, 8th 60 euro, 9th 40 euro, 10th 40 euro

The prizes are net!

Special prize: for the best woman and for players under 2100.
group B: cups and subjects.
No player may win more than one prize.
Tiebreak system: The corrected Buchholz.

Entry fee:
group A: 10 euro,
group B: free.
Free entry for women and title holders.

Registration fee of the Hungarian Chess Federation is 5 euro/year.

Personal application on the spot is necessary for all players even if they have sent their entry in advance, 15:00, 12th August.

Opening ceremony: 15:30, 12th August 2007

The rounds starts at 16:00, and 09:00. the last day 09:00 and 15:00.
Closing ceremony: 19:00, 15th August.

Duna hotel Paks Tel: 00-36-75-310891

Apply and information

Sándor Vidéki
0036-75421225; 0036-304012866
Email: videkis2001@yahoo.com