V. Marx György Memorial
4th - 15th August 2007 Paks, Hungary
  2007 :: Information :: XI. Paks cup GM tournament

XI. Paks cup GM tournament
4th - 13th August 2007
Paks, Hungary

Main patrol of the tournament is József Kovács
the director-general of Nuclear Power Plant Ltd. Paks.

Organisers: Atomerõmû TLK, ASE Paks

Venue of the tournament:
College of Paks,
Paks, Dózsa György str. 95

Type of the tournament:
Round robin with 10 players,
The tournament is Fide Category IX-X.

Time limit: 100 minutes/40 moves+50minutes/20 moves +15 minutes, +30 seconds/move from the first move

Sophia rule: The players can offer a draw in the first 40 moves only with arbiter's permission in particular cases.

Schedule of the Tournament

04th August 19:00 Opening ceremony and Drawing of lots
05th August 15:00 Round I.
06th August 15:00 Round II.
07th August 15:00 Round III.
08th August 15:00 Round IV.
09st August 15:00 Round V.
10th August 15:00 Round VI.
11th August 15:00 Round VII.
12th August 15:00 Round VIII.
13th August 15:00 Round IX.
  21:00 Announcement of results, Banquet

The invited players are:
Flumbort András, Grószpéter, Attila, Grunberg Mihai, Nevednichy Vladislav, Papp Gábor, Pataki Gyõzõ, Smerdon David, Szabó Krisztián, Tania Sachdev, Yu Shaoteng

Arbiter: Györkös Lajos IA