IX. György Marx Memorial
16th-27th June 2011 Paks, Hungary
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IX. Marx György Memorial
16th-27th June 2011
Paks, Hungary

Aim of the tournament:
In commemorate of György Marx professor of physicst.
Organization of a top level chess tournament for Hungarian chess friends.
Giving opportunity for the most talented young local grandmasters to acquire experience.

Main patron of the tournament is
Mr. István Hamvas,
the General Director- of Nuclear Power Plant Ltd. Paks.

Organiser: Atomerõmû TLK

Venue of the tournament:
Erzsébet Grand Hotel,
7030 Paks, 2 Szent István Square 

Type of the tournament:
Double Round Robin with 6 players,

Time limit:90 minutes/40 moves+30minutes
+30 seconds/move from the first move.

Sophia rule: The players can offer a draw in the first 40 moves only with arbiter’s permission in particular cases.
Criteria used for tie: 1. more wins, 2. result against each other, 3. Berger

Schedule of the Tournament

16th June 19.00h - Opening ceremony and drawing of lots
17th 15.00h - Round I.
18th 15.00h - Round II.
19th 15.00h - Round III.
20th 15.00h - Round IV.
21st 15.00h - Round V.
23rd 15.00h - Round VI.
24th 15.00h - Round VII.
25th 15.00h - Round VIII.
26th 15.00h - Round IX.
27th 11.00h - Round X.
19.00h -. Announcement of results, banquet

The planning category is Fide XV.

Arbiter: Vidéki Sándor IA

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